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Job Role: Asst. Air Traffic Control Officer

Job Location: Middletown, Delaware
Asst. Air Traffic Control Officer
Asst. Air Traffic Control Officer

Full Time / On-site

Offered Salary : $30k to $35k

Experince : 5 years


Job Description :


Job Duties:
Asst. Air Traffic Control Officer Job in Middletown, Delaware

 Ensure that his unit operates efficiently and administered in accordance with relevant provisions.

 Responsible for the provision of Air Traffic (ATS) in accordance with the standard procedures and practices prescribed in relevant documents.

  Direct the work and responsibilities Air Traffic Controllers and other personnel under his control and interpret regulations to ensure conformity with Air Traffic Control Procedures.

 Ensure prompt application of Air Traffic Control Regulations and implement Air Traffic directives issued by Headquarters.

  Issue Air Traffic Control /Air Traffic Services operating instructions to the field.

Supervise the Air Traffic Controller, and conduct training and ratings in local and International Procedures for Air Traffic Controllers License to newly trained Air Traffic Controllers.

Familiarize and examine the freshly trained Air Traffic Controllers to Control systems, equipments and Navigational aids and facilities.

Plan the functional layouts of the Controllers working environment and changes or additions to operational and technical buildings.

Propose and recommend the requirements of training and physical standards for the employment of Air Traffic controllers and determine the number of qualified personnel required to operate the Air Traffic Services unit.

Propose and recommend terms and conditions for employment of Air Traffic Controllers.

Ensure co-ordination of administrative and staff matters including orders and instructions between Air Traffic Services units.

Investigate reports on non-compliance with regulations and procedures and submit reports and incase of minor breaches solving it.

Ensure that all technical equipments, publications and facilities are available and properly maintained.

Maintain close liaison with neighboring Air Traffic Services units, users of Air Traffic Services.

Assist the Head of ATS to develop the rules of Air Traffic Services and organize the use of the Airspace for safe and efficient system of Air Traffic Control.

Review and recommend rules, regulations and minimum standards relating to Aircraft operations, licensing and ratings of personnel to the Head of ATS.

Propose recommendations on Air Traffic Control procedures and facilities to meet the changing conditions and to improve the co-ordination between civil operators, neighboring Air Traffic Services units and the Military.

Review and propose the best working methods, equipments to operate Air Traffic services and to ensure efficient and economical operations.

Train controllers in the development of software programs in order to ensure that the equipment meets the controller’s requirements.

Evaluation of ICAO Annexes, Documents & Manuals and Supplements.

Bhutan Air Traffic Services Manual

Bhutan Air Navigation Regulations, Bhutan Civil Air Worthiness Requirements and Bhutan Aeronautical Publications.

Joint Aviation requirements (JAA) as and when changes are mandated by ICAO/ JAA or other Civil Aviation Authorities or as and when new developments takes place in the Aviation industry.

Issue amendments and revisions and enforcement on the Air Transport Operators, Agencies, and to the Controllers.

 Assist the Chief of ATS in preparation of the Air Traffic Services Standard procedures manuals and instructions.

Assist the Head of ATS in investigation of accidents, incidents, investigate the cause of air miss, aircraft emergencies and forced landings of the aircrafts in the states/foreign air carriers operating in the state, prepare and submit analytical reports to the Head of ATS.

Investigate Aircraft accidents and incidents caused by negligence and incompetent controllers or due to Navigational equipment defaults.

Evaluation and review of Accidents and Incident regulations and procedures, issue directives and instructions as directed by the Head of ATS to the Air operators, agencies and to the controllers

Conduct examinations to Air Traffic Controllers for ratings and license.

Evaluate answer sheets and maintain records.

Recommend Air Traffic Controllers for issue, renewal, update, and withdrawal of license.

Assist the Head of ATS to create question banks.

Keep surveillance over the Air Traffic movements, Air Traffic flow management and flow control.

Surveillance over the application of approved policies, standards and procedures by the controllers.

Surveillance over the performance of the controllers in Air Traffic Control, Air Traffic Control console equipments, Navigational Aids, Air and ground communication facilities.

Surveillance over the installation, maintenance, removal of Navigational aids, Air ground communication, equipments and facilities.
Surveillance over the training programs, training, licensing of Air Traffic Controllers, developments and maintenance of the Airport, Airfield, Runway, Apron, Approach and take off path of the runway.

  Audit and inspect the Air Traffic Services/ Air Traffic Control Units maintenance of equipments of equipments and navigational facilities.

Inspect flight logbooks, flight strips, and flight incident log books and follow up action as necessary.

Competency checks on Air Traffic Controllers.

Job Information

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Job Type :

Full Time / On-site

Offer Salary :

$30k to $35k

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Experience :

5 years

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