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Services We Provide

360 degree Requirement process

Full Cycle Recruitment

Accurate manpower shortage remains one of the top challenges the recruitment industry faces today. The main struggle is finding the right people and retaining them for a long time. Thus, for, hiring the efficient candidates a 360 recruitment process came into existence. It is a hiring strategy that takes care of every minuscule factor in a hiring process, maximising the output in each stage.

In-Depth Assessment

In-depth assessment means an assessment done for the purpose of appointment under regulation.

A post-assessment evaluation can reasonably forecast of an applicant’s hard-working attitude and personality. It also indicates the probable performing capabilities of the candidate in near future. To give you a clear and meaningful idea of how a recruitment evaluation (assessment) can improve the situation in your organization,

Men interview for in depth assessment
Open Source


Sourcing is basically a proactive search for qualified candidates. Where the candidates go ahead with proactively identifying, contacting, and engaging qualified candidates for a job opening rather than waiting for candidates to apply on their own. We are into Passive, Active and Sourcing to hire the perfect talent for your company.


It is a process to determine whether a candidate is qualified for a position based on the information regarding his qualification, past experience, and other relevant information written on his curriculum vitae.

Live screening requirement
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Administration Support

We are glad to offer this service here as this is something we would love to do for our clients . Once we start working with our clients we make sure that we handle the bulk data get our own team for the resume formatting . We by taking care of all back-office and admin work so that you can focus on your core business and revenue-generating tasks.

Finance & Accounting

Accounting and financial services includes various types of services like consultation and planning to improve business performance and other necessary business needs. So From setting up and running a tight pay & bill process to fulfilling your general accounting & bookkeeping needs, we deliver end-to-end, bespoke F&A services for agencies.

Finance And accounting sourcing