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Candidate Screening

It is a process to determine whether a candidate is qualified for a position based on the information regarding his qualification, past experience, and other relevant information written on his curriculum vitae.

Screening is as yet the most tedious piece of the enrollment process. The estimated time of screening the CV/Resume is evaluated as 18 hours for just a single person. At the point when a particular job opening gets an average of 100 CV/Resumes, and when 70% to 80% of them are disqualified, it’s not a big surprise that a large number of recruitment consultants get frustrated. Yet, they still try to locate the hardest piece of enlistment i.e. to screen the correct applicants from an expansive candidate pool. Pre-screening process takes place before any company invests or spends its resources on a possible potential employee. Pre-screening the unemployed applicants can bolster a more thorough enrolment process from beginning to end, and would also save time and money simultaneously.

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Screens for must-haves

  • After going through the set of skills, education, experience, or anything else the candidate needs to perform the job. This stringent list is the fulcrum of our job description.

Screen for nice- to haves

  • If at all its, not a perfect fit we talk to the candidate we get an idea of being an experienced consultancy about the efficiency of the candidate and can place the candidate accordingly.
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Screening based on general impressions

  • Screening through the resume or candidate information, look for anything that stands out. It could be the candidates’ proficiency in a certain language, attention to detail, leadership skills, etc. These might not directly influence our hiring decision but can tell you whether you can confidently advance a candidate to the next round.

Optimize and review the processes

  • We would make the necessary changes according to the requirement and needs in the industry as we serve a dynamic culture and we understand ‘change is the constant
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