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Find the Best Talent for Your Business

We MAKE sure we PROVIDE our clients with the perfect cultural and technical fit.

Your initial call will be the most exhaustive call you have ever had. Our process is based on exploring and grasping your essential business needs.

We take the time to ask the right questions, provide a complete consultation, and will become a continuation of your recruiting department.

We create an OUTSTANDING candidate base RAPIDLY.

By adhering to the TGC Recruiting procedure, the mean time to fill an opening is only 14-15 days — while the sector mean is 40-62. This is why clients follow our lead.


Our original exclusive procedure is a distinctive mix of conventional face-to-face recruiting and state-of-the-art technology driven sourcing.

“We say we do” is something we make sure to apply in our professional life. Due to the ‘mantra’ a large number of contractual renewals of our existing clients, and a continuous increment in the number of our new clients; both collectively can be considered as the largest evidence to prove this fact, that we just don’t speak about commitments.

To Recruit The Best For You

They are readily accessible, so a prospective client can promptly Fill out the form and communicate with you.